The Road That Lead Me Here


The beginning of my Military journey, was technically at the end of my senior year in high school. Despite being accepted to the schools I wanted to attend, I was in no position to pay for them, and I knew I was ready for a change. I decided to give myself an opportunity, and walked into a Navy Recruiting Center. A few months later, I was whisked off to bootcamp, to start what seemed like a lifetime full of experiences in just a few years. My time in the Navy was full of lessons, tears, laughs, great times, the hardest times of my life, and most importantly GROWTH.

Today, I am a 24 year old young professional and full time college student. I pretty much grew up in the Navy, from 19-23, and I had all of my first experiences while serving (buying a car, first apartment, first dog etc). I am growing everyday and learning who I am now, as a young woman, without the Navy. I plan on graduating with my Bachelors in Sociology and my AA in communication within the next year, I then plan to go on and get my MS in Child and Family Therapy. As you can probably tell by my career choice, I love helping people. I find myself most fulfilled when teaching someone or helping someone, which is what lead me to this blog. I also love nature, I almost always find a little bit of myself when I am lost in a forest, or smelling flowers, but definitely when I am near the ocean. I hope that my experiences can inspire or help someone who’s making a difficult decision or feels alone.